Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



"The greatest part about my experience ended up being the part I was most worried about at first, which was being a boarder. I didn't want to live away from home. That was scary for me, but I made the best friends that I've had in my life."

Eric Zeltner

Class of 2008

"Pennington definitely had an impact on how I see the world and how I want to impact the world in a way that is inclusive and diverse and accepting and tolerant and good all around."

Jane Malloy

Class of 1985

"My favorite thing about Pennington is the faculty. The School has retained so much of its faculty over the past thirty years that it's really become a place where students feel comfortable and valued. Coming back makes you feel like you're at home; it's like family."

Thomas Provine

Class of 2010

"Taking Economics my first semester at the University of Pennsylvania could have been intimidating and even overwhelming, but I was fortunate enough to have taken AP Macroeconomics at Pennington. My teacher provided me with a solid foundation to build upon that set me far above my peers--even those that had taken AP Macro at other high schools. It was the individualized attention that I got at Pennington that has given me the confidence I needed to succeed at Penn."

Hope Mackenzie

Class of 2013

"It has been my honor to serve on the Board of Trustees since 1989, and as Chair since 2007, and to be involved with some of the most important moments in the history of Pennington: the building of a Campus Center, the School’s 175th anniversary in 2013, launching new academic programs in Global Studies and Applied Science, and a spectacular new humanities building. Pennington has changed so much since I was a student here, but what hasn’t changed is the faculty’s dedication to bringing out the best in every single student."

Peter Tucci

Class of 1979

"I started at Pennington in sixth grade. The School taught me to be accepting of all sorts of people. No one really fell into a clique, and I never felt like we had to fit into in a certain kind of box. Every time I come back to campus, it feels like I never left."

Ellie Jarboe

Class of 2014

"My time at Pennington was probably the best life decision I made thus far. Learning from great educators and interacting with a very diverse population has helped me tremendously in my development. The Pennington School has taught me many valuable lessons that I still value. If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would make the same decision all over again. "

Dontae Johnson

Class of 2010

"The School has all these little ways of teaching you to care about those around you and the world you live in. Pennington fostered in me the idea that you can't work in one area without looking at the greater impact it has on the world."

Magdalena Santos

Class of 2004

"Pennington is a small-knit community, and the faculty all know me for who I am as a person. I wasn't quite sure who I was when I was at Pennington, but in retrospect, my teachers all recognized who I was and who I could become."

Archel Desir

Class of 2000