Middle School

Energetic. Social. Curious. Interesting. Challenging. 

A small Middle School with big opportunities

The Middle School at Pennington is a small, friendly environment with big opportunities for academic and personal growth. With just under 100 students in all, our Middle School offers its own curricular and co-curricular program, its own faculty dedicated to these transformative years, and its own unique identity. The Middle School, however, is very much a part of the larger Pennington community.

Middle School students are expected to work hard in the classroom and to be active participants in their own education. In working closely with faculty and their peers, students will be asked to experience new things and to stretch and challenge their perspectives.  Students will build upon their strengths and develop as individuals while making close friends in a community diverse in age and national origin. Our nurturing and committed environment is designed to support students where they are, both developmentally and intellectually.

The spirit of our Middle School students permeates the Pennington campus, helping to create the sense of welcome, inclusion, and industry that makes The Pennington School such an exceptional place in which to learn and grow. 

Contact Information
Todd Paige
Head of Middle School


  • Seventh-graders guide preschoolers in service

    Posted November 18, 2015

    Nine seventh-graders went to a local preschool on Tuesday, November 17, to lead a service project with four-year-olds.

  • New Lego Robotics elective under way

    Posted November 18, 2015

    Middle School students are hard at work in the new “Programming with Lego Robotics” elective. This elective has two parts: using visual software on the iPad to learn the architecture of programming, and building and programming Lego robots to accomplish specific tasks.

  • Algebra 1B puts graphs in motion

    Posted November 11, 2015

    In a recent mathematics lab, Algebra 1B students physically represented graphs, using motion sensors.

  • Preschool group hosted for Pumpkin Festival

    Posted November 2, 2015

    A seventh-grade advisory group recently held a Pumpkin Festival for a group of preschoolers,

  • Algebra used to analyze global malaria problem

    Posted October 28, 2015

    Students in Ms. Susan Wirsig’s Algebra 1A class used mathematics to unpack and analyze the global problem of malaria.

  • MS Engineering elective designs collaboratively

    Posted October 28, 2015

    Pennington Middle School students in the Engineering elective class have been doing hands-on, collaborative work, designing small vehicles.