Upper School

We prepare our high school students to succeed in today's most challenging colleges and universities.
We prepare our high school students to succeed at today's most selective colleges and universities.

True to our mission of challenging all students to seek excellence academically, socially, physically, artistically, and spiritually, we ask our Upper School students to make purposeful progress toward a high level of personal excellence in all areas. Pennington students have many opportunities to develop their talents in art, music and drama. Students who demonstrate a gift and passion for the arts can join a jazz ensemble, learn to throw a pot in an advanced ceramics class, or try out for a lead in one of the theatrical productions. Athletics also provide students of varying abilities and talents chances to learn the fundamentals of basketball or to compete for a state championship on one of our many outstanding and competitive varsity teams. Students work together to help others in service projects, and they learn to think critically about our world and their place in it. Every day, after school and on weekends, the Pennington campus is bustling with student and faculty activities.

The Pennington School prepares students exceptionally well for college and beyond, but we don't believe that the only way to get there is through a four-year, head-down, high school grind. Walk onto our campus and you will quickly feel what our students and families experience every day when they come here: a strong sense of community and acceptance, exceptional school pride and spirit, a warm and truly caring faculty, and an honest appreciation for every individual student.

This is the time in your life to try something new and to test your limits. In order to develop resilience, you sometimes have to take risks. We want you to challenge yourself academically, and we have enough honors and Advanced Placement courses to fully engage your intellect in every discipline. But we also want you to play a team sport or two, to try out for a theatrical production, to learn to play a musical instrument, and to paint or draw or sculpt. Whatever your talents and interests, once you are arrive at the The Pennington School, we can help you engineer new successes and build on previous accomplishments.

The Pennington School is a unique place where students feel immediately at home and are actively involved in their own learning. Here, you'll find the experiences that will build the excellent academic skills, confidence, resilience, and character you will need to succeed in high school, in college, and in life.

Learning in Motion

Check out the video below, Where I am From, created by a sophomore English student.

Read. Analyze. Synthesize. Compose. Collaborate.

This sophomore synthesizes the books she read during the year and shows how they helped her understand more about herself. Another student in a music composition class saw this video and was inspired to compose an original soundtrack to add beat and rhythm to his classmate's story. We believe this dynamic demonstration of learning speaks volumes about the individual learning process that is at the core of the Pennington experience.