Cervone Center for Learning Admission

For admission to the Cervone Center for Learning program, many factors are considered, including:

  • Intellectual ability
  • The specific nature of the student's difficulties
  • The student's demonstrated interest in academic success
  • The student's ability and willingness to work collaboratively with our faculty

Applicants to the Cervone Center for Learning should use The Pennington School Online Application. In addition to the general requirements for Middle School or Upper School admission, extra documentation is required for applicants to the Cervone Center as listed below. These documents are integrated into our proprietary application to simplify the process. Please note that the SSAT is NOT required for admission to the Cervone Center for Learning.

Application deadline for 2017–18 is February 1, 2017.

Required additional documentation:

  • Psychological Report: This is a cognitive evaluation that includes the results of either the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (for students up to age 16) or the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (for students age 16 and above). The evaluation should accompany the application and should be no more than three years old. It should include a full listing of standard scores and percentiles for all subtests within the report.

  • Educational Assessment: Comprehensive testing of reading, writing, and mathematics skills is essential. The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement or the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT) provides this information. The evaluation should be no more that three years old. Standard scores and percentiles should be included in the report. The testing should include specific measures of phonological awareness, decoding/word attack, word identification, and reading comprehension, as well as measures of writing and math skills.

  • Cervone Center for Learning Supplemental Application: This is a questionnaire to be completed by the parents of the applicant. The form, iintegrated into the online application, includes areas such as family history, medical history, developmental history, educational history, and educational assessment and intervention.

Application Questions? Contact us at:

    P: 609–737–6128
    F: 609–730–1405


    Please note that  the Cervone Center for Learning is not prepared to work with students having primary emotional or behavioral difficulties.