Middle School Admission


Applying for Grades 6–8

Our domestic application deadline for 2017–18 is February 1, 2017; international application deadline is January 15, 2017. 

1. Online Application  

Pennington accepts two online applications. Equal consideration is given to both forms of application.


  1. The Pennington School Online Application
  2. Standard Application On Line (SAO): Applicants applying to multiple schools may want to consider applying through a common application, known as the Standard Application Online, or SAO.

If you are using The Pennington School Online Application, you will be asked to complete the following steps:

  • Candidate Profile: On this form, you will provide us with basic information about yourself and your family. 
  • Application Fee: The application fee for domestic applications is $50. The international application fee is $150.
  • Parent Questionnaire: We believe that your parent or guardian knows you better than anyone. The Parent Statement should be completed and signed electronically by your parent or guardian.
  • Student Questionnaire: You will be asked to answer five questions about yourself and your interests. Tip: Write in Word and then copy into the application; there is no option for saving drafts!
  • Academic Recommendations (English and math): You will be asked for the names and emails of your current English and math teachers. They will receive an email with a link for their recommendation letters, and they will submit their recommendation online.
  • Character Recommendation: You will be asked for the name and email of a community member (not a relative) who can comment on your character and citizenship. He or she will receive an email with a link for the recommendation letter, and he/she will submit the recommendation online.
  • Principal Recommendation: You will be asked for the name and email of your current principal, head of school, or school guidance counselor. Like your teachers and parents, he or she will complete the recommendation online. He or she will be asked to comment on your character, academics, and citizenship.
  • School Report and Transcript Form: We will look at the last two years of your academic achievement.  

2. Testing

As a Middle School applicant, you are not required to take the SSAT as part of the admission process.

3. Spend-A-Day Campus Visits and Interview

Once your application has been started, you may schedule an interview, a Spend-A-Day visit for you, and a campus tour for your parents by calling the Office of Admission at 609–737–6128 or emailing admiss@pennington.org. All interviews and Spend-A-Day visits must be scheduled by February 1.

For more information about spending a day, click here.

4. Financial Aid Information (if applicable)

Information about financial aid application procedures is located here.

Application Questions? Contact us at:

P: 609–737–6128
F: 609–730–1405