Scholarship Golf Classic

The Pennington School
Twentieth Annual 
Scholarship Golf Classic


Proceeds from the Pennington School Scholarship Golf Classic benefit the Page and Otto Marx Challenge, which supports financial aid for disadvantaged youth. 

This year's results: Karen and Dave Kovalcik P'15 '18 and their sons Hank Kovalcik and Charlie Kovalcik '18 repeated their victory of last year, so the coveted Scholarship Golf Classic Trophy will be going back to their home for another year. Karen is co-chair of the 2014-15 Scholarship Golf Classic Committee. The Bliss-Calkins team of Tom Calkins P'15, Vicky Bliss-Calkins, Elizabeth Koloski '15, and Michael Bliss '15 was the second-place team, and third place went to Michael Jingoli '85 P'11 '15, Dennis Wasilewski, Chris Wasilewski and Bill Wasnak P'19 '19. 

A special salute to this year’s returning Gold Sponsors!

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The 2014–15 Golf Classic Committee

Pete Egbert P’16, co-chair
Karen Kovalcik P’15, co-chair
Christine Ebersole P'15 '15
Jim Hyman
Mike Jingoli ’85 P’11 ’15
Tim McLaughlin P’16 ’17 ’20

Dan Sheridan ’94


For a downloadable copy of the 2015 Golf Classic Sponsors poster, please click here.

For more information about next year's Scholarship Golf Classic, please contact:

Rob McClellan at or 609–737–6126 or
Jane Bott Childrey ’89 at or 609–737–6144.