The philosophy of athletics at Pennington

Participation in athletics helps Pennington students develop into well-rounded individuals.

The Pennington School believes that an organized athletic program is an integral part of a secondary school education. Pennington has superb student athletes and championship teams, focused not on winning but on developing potential, regardless of his or her perceived ability. Friendships formed on the playing field; the self-awareness gained by trying to sprint faster, leap higher, or hit a ball farther than yesterday; experiencing both failures and successes; and the sheer joy of play are vital experiences that enrich the lives of those who participate in a sport.

The School believes that students’ participation in the athletic program develops far more than their bodies. Being an effective member of a team and playing fair requires adherence to virtue, honor, and humility, the core values of the School. Lessons learned in sports—cooperation, self-discipline, adversity, success—translate well to other areas of one’s life.

For even the most dedicated Pennington student athlete, sports are, and should be, only part of the picture. Academics are the top priority, and all Pennington students extend themselves to become involved in other activities and community service. The athletic program’s purpose is to help every Pennington student develop the skills and values necessary to pursue excellence in the classroom and the community with the same energy and dedication as is demonstrated in competitive athletics.

Aims and objectives of the program

The Pennington School athletics program provides a resource for:

  • A broad and varied program of activities to meet the individual interests and developmental needs of all students.
  • Activities which contribute to the development and retention of optimum physical shape by encouraging total fitness:physical, emotional, intellectual, and social.
  • Activities which provide the highly-skilled as well as the novice athlete opportunity to participate in activities on a level appropriate to his/her ability.
  • Activities within which individuals will be motivated to attain the highest level of skill and excellence desired, while gaining an understanding of individual abilities.
  • Opportunities for each student to participate in and develop his/her abilities in activities through a sequential progression of learning.
  • Opportunities for recreation and fun as well as a resource for future recreational goals.
  • An understanding of the rules essential to participating in an activity and recognition of the value of conforming to those rules.
  • An understanding and recognition of the value in a cooperative team effort.
  • Developing a positive attitude of sportsmanship by playing by the rules, being courageous in weakness, controlling one’s strength, and being appreciative, respectful, considerate, and honest with teammates, adversaries, coaches, officials, and oneself.
  • Developing self-discipline.

The aims and objectives for each team are developed by and reflect the views of the coaches involved, authorities in the field, and the administration of the School.