Spiritual Life

Our campus has a vibrant spiritual life that we support in our Chapel.
Our students and faculty are an interfaith spiritual community that comes together for a time of reflection.

Pennington's focus on spiritual life is devoted to fostering character and morality in all our students, with an emphasis on the School's core values of honor, virtue, and humility.

A Methodist tradition

The Pennington School, established as the Methodist Episcopal Male Seminary in 1838, has a long tradition of spirituality. Over the years, our students and their religious beliefs have diversified and, in turn, the School's chapel services have also changed. Today, our students come from many faiths and traditions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Quakerism, and Buddhism.

Weekly Chapel services

How can all these faiths fit together? At Pennington, we believe that all beliefs are important and that every religion is to be valued. Weekly Chapel services are a ritual in the Pennington community. Separate Chapel services for Upper and Middle School are led by the School chaplain in the nearby Pennington United Methodist Church. At times the entire School community gathers together for services in the larger Pennington Presbyterian Church. Chapel services are a peaceful time for reflection and thought about life and love, friendship and community, right and wrong—themes that are important in every religion and in every country of the world.

Together, students and faculty grapple with the meaning of current events, historical truths, and hopes for the future. Whether through a poem or a song or a prayer or a question, all members of the School listen, think and learn from one another, and in doing this we become a community united together by common concerns, joys, and dreams.

Character and spirituality

Students know that the school year is drawing to a close when Senior Chapel concludes the weekly services in June. This final gathering of the community allows the students, the faculty, and the administration to reflect on their time at Pennington and on the days ahead. It is a milestone for the seniors in their journey towards graduation and then life at college and beyond. Our graduates will join new communities and carry with them the moral and spiritual lessons they learned at Pennington.

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