For questions or inquiries regarding community service at Pennington, please contact one of the co-directors:

Aaron Twitchell Chaplain
The Rev. Aaron Twitchell, chaplain
Alyssia Reddy, teacher of English and history

Service opportunities

  • Tutoring at Grant Elementary School
  • Spring Break Community Service Trips
  • Gym & Swim with HomeFront
  • Annual Community Day
  • Volunteer work at the Stonybrook Assisted Living facility in Pennington.
  • Food Drives to benefit T.A.S.K and Crisis Ministry
  • Hosting the Annual Race for the Cure Breast Cancer Run
  • Hosting the Annual Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Philabundance
  • Mercer County Parks
  • Hurricane Sandy Relief

Community Service


Some of our students, who helped collect gifts this year to give HomeFront families a merry holiday.  

Community Service is at the heart of what it means to be a student at Pennington. Whether it is participating weekly in the Community Cares club or jumping in the pool with fourth-graders at a Gym & Swim, Pennington students and faculty immerse themselves in a culture of service that reflects our core values of Honor, Virtue, and Humility.

At Pennington, we believe that service is a large part of what it means to be a good citizen. Since we expect our students to be good citizens, we neither require service nor officially track student service hours. However, because of their close involvement with the HomeFront holiday party, Gym & Swims, Spring Break service trips, and our  annual Community Day, virtually 100% of our students do participate in some form of community service.

Projects throughout the year are based on tradition, need, and student initiatives; this approach ensures a dynamic variety of opportunities. Traditions include the HomeFront holiday party, Run for the Cure, Race for the Cure, and Shoot for a Cure, Gym & Swim, annual trips to Haiti and Henderson Settlement, Kentucky, tutoring at Grant Elementary, and the Red Cross Blood Drive. Another beloved tradition is our annual Community Day during which all students head off-campus for a full day of projects, based on grade. Seniors have traditionally helped with trail work and storm clean-up with Mercer County Parks while juniors have traveled to the shore for continued Hurricane Sandy relief work.

In the event there is a natural disaster, or another great need arises, the Pennington community is always quick to respond. Students are passionate about meeting the needs of the global community and of the neighborhoods around Mercer County. We are committed to giving our time and our resources as outpourings of our character, not just as additions to our resumes.