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Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

News for Parents

  • TPSPA presents $100,000 gift to the School

    Jane Celentano (left) and Annie Michaelson with Dr. Hawkey

    The Pennington School Parents Association presented a check for $100,000 to Headmaster William Hawkey on Friday, May 29. This money, raised entirely by TPSPA, will pay for the restoration of the reading room in Meckler Library this summer, which will include new carpeting and furniture. The funds will also cover the renovation of the student center, on the main floor of the Campus Center. When students return in September, they will find that the space has been reconfigured and brand-new furniture installed before the start of the new school year.

    TPSPA Co-Presidents Jane Celentano P'16 '17 and Annie Michaelson P17 '18 said, "The money was raised thanks to all who touched both the 2014 and 2015 Red & Black BASH. TPSPA is grateful to everyone who donated to the BASH and, of course, to all of the parents who volunteered, attended, and bid on items."

    Dr. Hawkey was delighted to receive this unexpected gift at the end of the year, and noted that "Pennington parents are a huge part of the reason that we enjoy such a close and caring community here. We very much appreciate all of the hard work that this check represents, and I promise we will put it to good use over the summer to enhance two spaces that students use virtually every day they are on campus. Thank you!"

School News

  • Middle School holds Graduation


    Pennington's Middle School held graduation ceremonies at the Pennington United Methodist Church on June 9 for forty-one eighth-graders. Head of Middle School Todd D. Paige announced eighth-grade award-winners, and Headmaster William S. Hawkey and faculty advisors joined him in presenting the diplomas.

    Erin Heyeck was valedictorian, judged first in scholarship for the eighth grade; she also received an award for excellence in German. Salutatorian Leah Balerna greeted the audience. Other eighth-grade speakers offering reflections were Griffin Papa and Anna McLaughlin. Artem Rukavishnikov played a trumpet solo, and the Middle School Singers and Sixth-Grade Handchimes and Handbells group performed, as well.

    Academic awards for eighth-graders were presented at Graduation (see list below); those for sixth- and seventh-graders were given at a special assembly earlier in the day (see separate article).

    The members of the Pennington School Class of 2020 (alphabetical order): Julianna Alito, Sophia Amaro, Leah Balerna, Jordan Bostick, Chad Brunner, Abigail Bulger, Vincent Colalillo, Andrew DiDomenico, Olivia Ernst, John Fancher, Alyssa Gasior, Blake Hart, Gavin Hart, Elise Hawkey, Erin Heyeck, William Jones, Jenna Kollevoll, Jonathan Lee, Alexa Lepold, Christopher Long Jr., Katherine Long, Jon-Henri Marlow, Mitchell Mavellia, Anna McLaughlin, Laura Mertz, William Miller, Yaoxin Mo, Lucas Musto, Eva Ondreyka, Connor Ort, Lucas Ort, Griffin Papa, Kostiantyn Rogankov, Artem Rukavishnikov, Raul Shah, Matthew Shipley, Karis Sneed, Jacob Washton, Richard Weise, Huiyu Yang, and Lila Yazujian

    Congratulations to our wonderful eighth-grade students and families!

    For a full video of today's Middle School Graduation, please click here. For a highlight video, click here.

    For photos, please click here.

    Eighth-Grade Academic Awards

    Valedictorian: Erin Heyeck

    Salutatorian: Leah Balerna

    Mathematics: Yaoxin Mo

    Science: Artem Rukavishnikov

    English: Abigail Bulger

    Social Studies: Olivia Ernst

    Latin: Vincent Colalillo

    French: Eva Ondreyka

    German: Erin Heyeck

    Spanish: Elise Hawkey

    Artorama: Alexa Lepold

    Music: Artem Rukavishnikov

    Citizenship: Raul Shah

    Most Improved: William Jones

    Academic Perseverance: Jenna Kollevoll

  • Middle School awards presented


    On Thursday, June 9, awards were presented to sixth- and seventh-graders for achievements in athletics, scholarship, and more. A list of the awards and their winners is below:

    First in Scholarship
    Grade 6: Ariana Colner
    Grade 7: Trinity Pryor

    Math Award
    Grade 6: Sydney Shah, Ariana Colner
    Grade 7: Trinity Pryor, Kira Cafferty

    Science Award
    Grade 6: Lucinda Harding, Kurt Edward Kennedy
    Grade 7: Corinne Coakley

    Humanities Award
    Grade 6: Miami Celentana, Lucinda Harding, Daisy Hutnik

    English Award
    Grade 7: Danielle Bancroft

    Social Studies Award
    Grade 7: John Craig

    Latin Award
    Grade 6: Ariana Colner, Kurt Edward Kennedy
    Grade 7: Trinity Pryor

    Artorama Award

    Grade 6: Miami Celentana
    Grade 7: Isabella Rossi

    Music Award
    Grade 6: Miami Celentana
    Grade 7: Sahil Navani

    Citizenship Award
    Grade 6: Jonathan Eaton
    Grade 7: Robert Lambdin

    Most Improved Award
    Grade 6: Cormac Glanas, Julienn Harris
    Grade 7: Joshua Song

    Academic Perseverance Award
    Grade 6: Daisy Hutnik
    Grade 7: Bradley Sendak

    Track and Field
    Red Raider Award: Lucas Musto and Gavin Hart
    Athlete of Steel Award: Julianna Alito

    Middle School Stephen Crane Writing Contest Winners
    Essay, First Prize: William Thompson
    Essay, Second Prize: Christopher Long
    Narrative, First Prize: Daisy Hutnik
    Narrative, Second Prize: Merrick Liu
    Poetry, First Prize: Lucinda Harding
    Poetry, Second Prize: Kurt Edward Kennedy

    Awards for Involvement in the Middle School Play
    Performance: Elise Hawkey and Trinity Pryor
    Red Raider Award: Eva Ondreyka
    Leadership: Griffin Papa
    Tech Crew: Raul Shah and Ben Eckerson
    Costume Crew: Julienn Harris, Isabella Rossi, Huiyu Yang

    Odyssey of the Mind Awards (two for each team)
    Lucinda Harding and Joshua Song
    Miami Celentana and John Craig

    Yearbook Awards
    Laura Mertz, Matthew Shipley, Alyssa Gasior, and Katherine Long

    Boys' Lacrosse
    Red Raider Award: William Jones
    Coaches Award: Vincent Colalillo

    Girls' Lacrosse
    Red Raider Award: Katherine Long
    Promising Future Award: Stephanie Balerna

    A Middle School Graduation ceremony will be held tonight at the Pennington Methodist Church at 7:00 p.m. You may view a live stream of the event by clicking here. Eighth-grade academic awards will be presented at that ceremony.


Issue: Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

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