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Building for the Future Campaign

"We have a responsibility to prepare our students for majors in science and engineering and mathematics, as well as humanities. So, being able to give them a top-notch academic program, which has always been part of Pennington's tradition, and pair that with a top-notch faculty and now facilities, that creates the complete package."- Dr. Bill Hawkey, Headmaster

Building for the Future

The Pennington School has undertaken a comprehensive campaign to raise $20 million by the end of 2017. The campaign is raising funds to update facilities on campus as well as to sustain the annual fund. All gifts to Pennington will count in the campaign, and we invite all parents, alumni, and friends to take part in building for Pennington's future.

Pennington thrives today in large part because of the philanthropic support provided over the past 178 years by the generations who preceded us. We are at an exciting moment in Pennington's history, with a campus plan that will transform the learning experience for current and future students. It's our turn to carry on Pennington's legacy of excellence, and the time is now for all who care about Pennington to make an investment in the future. With your help, we will ensure that Pennington's future is as distinguished as its past.

For the duration of the Building for the Future campaign, we ask every alumnus, parent, and friend to make Pennington a philanthropic priority. We invite you to consider giving directly to the Pennington Fund, through an endowment, or by making a gift for facilities.

Pennington Fund

Our top fundraising priority, the Pennington Fund allows the school to operate as though we had a larger endowment. An endowment is an important measure of stability for educational institutions as it represents a secure income stream for expenses that the school incurs on an annual basis, such as faculty support–the single largest item in our operating budget. Pennington has a smaller endowment than many of our peer schools, but an annual fund of $1 million is like having an additional $25 million in endowment. The difference that makes in the quality of experiences that we provide to our students is monumental.

The Pennington Fund makes it possible to recruit and retain the best faculty; it supports extracurricular programs like Odyssey of the Mind and Peer Leaders; and it helps cover the cost of regional and state athletic competitions. In short, the Pennington Fund helps underwrite the opportunities that enrich the Pennington experience for each of our students.


Endowments provide funding for the library, faculty support, professional development, technology, and scholarships. Honorific naming opportunities are available to recognize endowment gifts of $50,000 or more.

Facilities Gift

The Building for the Future campaign will allow Pennington to complete five phases of facility and program improvements to ensure that our campus is up to today's standards for learning. See the sidebar to the right for more information about the campaign's five phases. Honorific naming opportunities are available to recognize facilities gifts of $50,000 or more.

Join us

Pennington offers a truly liberal education, not just years of cramming in a rigid environment focused solely on standardized test results. By participating in our comprehensive campaign, you will empower Pennington to light the way forward for a new generation of students, providing a vigorous academic experience that is adapted to the abilities, goals, and nature of each child. Please contribute now to help us ensure excellence for Pennington and our students.