Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



"Everyone at Pennington is so welcoming. It felt like home instantly for me." Read more.- Matthew C., Class of 2021
"Coming to Pennington as a boarder from Vienna has made me understand that anyone who truly cares about you can be considered family." Read more.
- Cara H., Class of 2019
"It was a spectacular soccer season this year and quite an honor to be a part of this team...the icing on the cake was winning the Mercer County and Prep A State Championships." Read more.- Matthew P., Class of 2018
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  • Virtue
  • Humility

The Pennington School is committed to developing individual excellence in all of its students.

Since 1838

"Pennington Drama has been an essential part of my life since I began here in sixth grade. Little did I know that theatre would provide the most important developmental and inspiring areas in my years at Pennington. I have been constantly encouraged to explore the unknown, to challenge norms, and to reach higher."- Julia W., Class of 2019
"Pennington is helping prepare me for the future, both academically and socially." Read More. - Ricky L., Class of 2023
"Pennington has not only prepared me academically for college but also for life in the real world. The lessons you are taught here extend outside the classroom and you will carry them with you forever." Read More.- Logan H., Class of 2020

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We are very proud of our reputation as a school exceptionally devoted to our students' success. But don't just take our word for it--see what our teachers, parents, alumni, and students have to say.

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Ratio of Students to Teachers.


Advanced placement and honors courses.


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Arts Performances Yearly.




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