Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


"To me, what truly makes Pennington special is the tremendous amount of care and love expressed by all of the teachers, faculty, and students." Read More.
- Aidan P., Class of 2025
"From the academic program to the food in the Dining Hall, The Pennington School encourages students to be open to trying new things." Read More.- Sanjana P., Class of 2024
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Pennington Varsity Boys’ Baseball team members create a standard of excellence that everyone works to achieve. We pull each other up to that standard by supporting each other—no matter what." - Landon H., Class of 2025

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  • Honor
  • Virtue
  • Humility

The Pennington School is committed to developing individual excellence in all of its students.

Since 1838

"Exposure to and engagement in the Arts has been critical to my unique experience at Pennington. The arts community at Pennington has allowed me to express my humanity and creativity, learn from my passionate teachers and dynamic peers, and be a part of something that is bigger than myself."
- Norah Y., Class of 2026

"Whether it's academic excellence, personal growth, or pursuing my passions, the community is here to lift me up, helping me build the confidence and enthusiasm to try everything." Read More.- Jenny Z., Class of 2025
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"Pennington has helped me to excel academically. The teachers take time to help you understand the subjects and are always available for extra help." Read more.- Tyler H., Class of 2024

Meet Our Community

We are very proud of our reputation as a school exceptionally devoted to our students' success. But don't just take our word for it--see what our teachers, parents, alumni, and students have to say.

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The Pennington Experience Offers You:


Countries Represented on Campus.


Ratio of Students to Teachers.


Advanced placement and honors courses.


Student Participation in Community Service.


Average Class Size.


Athletic Teams.


Arts Performances Yearly.




Special Events Each Year.


Clubs and Activities.

A Glance at Pennington

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