Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


"This is a home for the Keating family for sure."

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Male parent talking about Pennington, candid look.

Dennis Keating

P'08 '09 '18

"We could not be happier with The Pennington School and all it has done for our son and family!"

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Female parent smiling outside.

Arti Patel

P'17 '23

"Kids can often fall into a habit of playing into a role and not discovering themselves, but Pennington allows kids to express themselves in a way they feel comfortable and encourage them to grow. This is the place that can really launch [my son]."

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Female parent inside talking about Pennington

Lori Washton


"My son is so happy here. He wants to be involved in everything and it is actually difficult to tear him away at the end of the day. That is probably the best way to describe how great this environment is--what more could you ask for in a school?"

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Female parent smiling

Marlynne Marlow


"Our family has resided in Mercer County since the 1930s and we were unaware of The Pennington School's positive contributions to many African-American students' educational and athletic achievements. Through our son, we have witnessed firsthand the School's commitment to educational excellence, diversity of community, humility, and athletic empowerment."

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Male parent smiling on turf field

Eric Broadway


"It's been a fabulous experience for us. I find that my son found his equilibrium here; it's the right amount of challenge yet it's the right amount of flexibility to be himself and to be a kid at the same time."
Female parent in front of a plant talking about Pennington.

Trusha Shah

P'19 '20

"From arts and science to athletics and extracurricular activities, the School provides an excellent and balanced approach to education but also respects and encourages family time. We can see our children growing up to be well-rounded individuals."

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Female parent looking sincere inside building.

Ilana Gutierrez

P'19 '21

"I think the influence of The Pennington School never fades. These kids carry it with them--the friendships that they’ve made, the connections that they developed for the future, the strong skills that they’ve learned, the way that they have thought about learning."

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Female parent talking about Pennington, looking serious

B.J. Booth


"The Pennington campus is well organized with a strong academic atmosphere. The School takes care of the needs of students with different backgrounds, such as the spring festival dinner that the School provides for the Chinese students every year, which makes me feel that I have sent my child to live in a big family rather than a boarding school!"
Female parent in front of a white background smiling.

Sunfang Jiang