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Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


B.J. Booth P'16

Female parent outside in purple shirt talking.“I think the influence of The Pennington School never fades. These kids carry it with them--the friendships that they’ve made, the connections that they developed for the future, the strong skills that they’ve learned, the way that they have thought about learning.

The influence of their teachers and the administrators, who have led by example, not only in the classroom, but also around campus, is so important. Particularly for boarders, who live with many of these teachers and administrators, they see and are influenced by how people can live their lives in the fulfillment of what we try to do at The Pennington School. So I think the community is always with you and the farther away kids get from Pennington, farther away and further in their thinking, the more they realize that their foundation was here. They have a happy and productive experience in high school, and I know that after they graduate there’s a sense of gratitude and wanting to continue that tradition and make sure that that influence is felt in the world at large.”