Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Bella I., Class of 2017

Female student grinning in front of white background.;"At Pennington I performed in every show since the sixth grade; I was in chorus since Middle School; I joined Pennington Singers; I started taking photography, I worked on costume and tech for the shows, and took guitar lessons and voice lessons as well. I am very passionate about art, it's what I want to do with the rest of my life.

With art, you work so hard and most people don't see the months of preparation that goes into either a performance, or a piece of visual art, or music, and once you get to perform and show what you've been putting your whole life into - that feeling is so rewarding because you can really change the world with your art.

I've always loved performing and being up on stage, but really moving people has changed what I want to do with my career. Not only do I want to perform, but I want to perform for a reason. Social activism and art fall very close together, and what comes out of that is so beautiful.

The arts department at Pennington has been so great, it's a very safe space where everyone can give their ideas about a topic and feel comfortable. Even if you're an athlete and you decide to join a show because it's something you wanted to try, I've seen that change people in ways they never thought possible. And though it is very deep, it's also so much fun! I don't think I would have more fun doing anything else. The whole School really does support the theater program, and at Pennington, everyone accepts art and loves it and it's a big staple for the School."