Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Bridget L., Class of 2021

Female student outside in the winter smiling."I think my favorite part of The Pennington School is the community. It's really a loving community; it's not just only school for me and my friends--it's fun. We love to talk and hang around with each other, and I think the classes in eighth grade right now are preparing me well for high school.

It's a good feeling; I'm always talking about how great this school is, and I think the [Cervone Center for Learning] has helped me a lot. When the workload picks up, my Communication Skills teacher helps me organize my schedule so that I have time to do sports and other activities while I also stay on top of my work. Next year, I am going to stay with my same CS teacher, and she has a lot of high school students, so she knows exactly how intense the workload is going to be, which will help me prepare for that.

Pennington is a great school; I couldn't imagine being anywhere else."