Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Matthew C. - Class of 2021

"I've been at Pennington since my freshman year. I'm doing the Fall Play; last year I did the Fall Play and the Spring Play, and I earned a large role even though I was a freshman. That was such a big honor: to be able to participate in something that big, especially something directed by the seniors. It was a great experience, especially as a freshman. I love theater in general, especially at Pennington, because you grow so close to everyone in the production--the tech and costume crew, and fellow cast members.

Before Pennington, I had been at the same school for nine years. I didn't have an older sibling to gain experiences from; it was a new experience for me, and I was nervous coming in. As soon as the first day, everyone was so welcoming; it felt like home instantly for me. I got to know people well, and my Peer Leaders were super nice, I met some really good friends, and throughout the first week of school, everyone was helpful.

I feel like the community at Pennington is just such a warm and loving environment, for everyone. It's just open to everyone's unique talents and allows people to thrive in what they know and what they love, but also allows you to try new things that you may not have known before. From your fellow students and classmates to the faculty, everyone I've met on campus is so friendly and welcoming and there to help when you need it, physically to find your way but mentally as well to prepare for the future. I will be able to thrive in the outside world and find my way; if I do stumble and fall, I can always have the experiences and memories at Pennington to help me get through."