Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Roderick G., Class of 2017

Male student outside smiling, wearing glasses.

"My name is Roderick, and I came toPennington from Beijing, China. I still remember the huge welcome I got when I first came onto campus. I really enjoyed our dorm lounge, where we could discuss our homework, do homework together as a group, and watch T.V. The lounge helped me make friendships quickly.

Before I came to Pennington, I played piano for eight years, and when I came here, I started my first pipe organ lesson. That is the first pipe organ lesson I had--I just found it so interesting and my teacher was very encouraging for me to try it.

With pipe organ, you can find a unique way to communicate with yourself when you compose something. It's truly very personal and emotional, and I feel secure when I play. There are a lot of opportunities to perform at Pennington, and in this way, you can also make many friends. I feel like there's a strong sense of community at Pennington--there are a lot of opportunities, and you can flourish in your own way. There's no standard Pennington experience.

Pennington wass definitely a second home for me because I was an international student; I couldn't go home every weekend so I stayed on campus and formed strong relationships. My host family treated me very well, and my dorm was very convenient for me during the day. I still feel like Pennington is my second family."