Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Sanjana P. - Class of 2024

A female student wearing a green top

"As someone who is Indian-American, speaks different languages, and has a name that is difficult to pronounce, I find that my favorite aspect of Pennington is its diversity. From the academic program to the food in the Dining Hall, The Pennington School encourages students to be open to trying new things. The School creates a safe environment for students to work outside of their comfort zones. 

Pennington introduced me to theater, which was something I never thought I would participate in. I was a shy and quiet student, and primarily still am today, but Pennington transformed that quiet student into a quiet leader; in classrooms, tech crew, and orchestra, I always feel seen. My actions and work are noticed, even if I do not actively participate, because the relationships teachers form with students allow for each party to fully understand one another."