Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


"As a teacher, you're teaching content and giving information, but you're also taking care of people's children. I am proud to be a part of a community that cares about making children into good people."

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Female teacher in front of a tree smiling.

Samm Stern-Leaphart


"Real learning is socially mediated; learning happens during the interaction between students and teachers, between students and content, between students and one another."

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Female teacher smiling outside with red necklace.

Jo Prockop

Cervone Center for Learning

"We have so many students who are interested in advanced topics; we have more students taking advanced computer science and advanced placement computer science than ever before, and half of them are girls."

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Male teacher wearing glasses smiling outside.

Len Leib


"Our mission of individual excellence means getting to know all students for who they are, and supporting them anyway we can."

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Male teacher in front of a bush smiling.

Jamie Moore

Middle School

"Pennington is very student-centered. This is a school that takes into consideration not only how to teach each child, but also how every child learns."

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Female teacher inside smiling in front of blue background.

Aneka Bell


"My biggest hope for our students is that they go out into the world as complete, whole people-- able to contribute to society, and with a strong sense of themselves."

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Female teacher in front of a bush with pleasant look.

Gretchen Overhiser


"Pennington has been a steady rock in my family's foundation."

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Male teacher in glasses smiling in front of a bush.

Peter Chase

World Languages