Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Chad Bridges

Male teacher in suit smiling in front of trees."No matter where you go on campus, you’re bound to find something that's new, something that will help our students become better educated, and be better citizens.

It's very exciting for me, as an alumnus of Pennington, to see students going to the brand-new humanities building, going into Stainton Hall, our completely renovated STEM building, or going into the campus center or to the library. I see them working in math classrooms that are totally transformed in the past year, and it's really incredible to watch. They are eager to step in to the classrooms--no longer are students just sitting at desks listening to someone lecture. They are up, they're moving around, they are writing on the walls, they are using the new technology--it's really incredible to see, and they are just so happy to be in class and to learn. To observe this type of learning is remarkable.

The teachers have dramatically changed the way that they approach their curriculum. Being able to have a number of different ways to teach at their fingertips, along with different new pieces of technology, our faculty has been able to really transform how they teach, and the students have been very positive about the changes. It makes school better for everyone. It's not just the physical structure of our buildings, but it's everything that's inside the buildings, the inner workings of the classrooms, the teachers seem even more dynamic because of how their methods have changed. The students are clearly more engaged with their learning, and to be able to see that and watch that as an educator, as Dean of Students, is truly a privilege."