Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Jamie Moore

Male teacher in red tie outside smiling."As a Pennington alumnus, and as a teacher, I love Pennington, and I'm happy to be back on campus, happy to support the system that gave me support when I was in high school. It's amazing to be a teacher here now, with the new technology we have, and work in new spaces in which we're able to collaborate with each other and with our students. It's just wonderful. You walk around, you see students collaborating in hallways, in little niches that were designed for that, and it's great to see how effectively the teachers—and students--are using the physical environment.

I still think about those teachers who inspired me, and I try to create a curriculum in my eighth grade Global Perspectives class that inspires students to think, to be critical learners, to be researchers, and to be able to collaborate with one another, to be able to write and read. I'm always thinking about what is practical information, what is a skill that my students are going to need, and I really aim for my curriculum to focus on those things. I want everything to relate as much as possible to the real world. I think it's really important."