Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Len Leib

Male teacher with glasses smiling in front of tree."We have so many students who are interested in advanced topics; we have more students taking advanced computer science, advanced placement computer science, than ever before. There are 25 students in the Upper School taking advanced placement computer science. We've got almost 90 taking statistics. That is hundreds and hundreds of students--they are so interested, they are doing well, they are going on to becoming professionals, they are amazing and wonderful students. They are taking advantage of a really student-centered learning environment. They are able to grow and explore as young academicians, as young intellects.

I'm so excited about what's going on here. Our students are finding a passion, and they are taking steps down the professional journey. At Pennington, we're showing them not only how to do math, but how math is actually used. We aren’t just teaching statistics, but also how statistics make sense in their lives, every day and professionally. We’re asking, “What do professionals do?” Computing, which is one of the biggest and fastest-growing fields, is full of opportunities beyond belief, and we have so many students graduating and heading in that direction. I am so proud of all of them. Half of the Pennington community in the Upper School are girls, which is just a wonderful thing—to have so many girls pursuing computer science and math. Here, we are teaching students to become adults, but we are also connecting them with bridges to their professional lives in a very real and authentic way."