Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Peter Chase

"I remember how my high school chemistry teacher impressed my classmates and me every day with his enthusiasm and good humor, and I remember thinking how lucky I'd be to one day find a subject that could light the same kind of fire in me. How fortunate I am to have found that excitement in teaching German and, on top of that, to have every year classrooms full of students who share my enthusiasm and, in the process, keep me feeling young.

Pennington has been a steady rock in my family's foundation. My wife and I have lived here close to twenty years, and my older son has been a thriving student here for the past two years. As a teacher, a dorm parent, a coach, a class dean, I also feel like we're part of a larger family, one that consists of veteran teachers but also new, younger faculty. My kids have grown up with other faculty kids and also with many Pennington students.

Many of my students have gone on to study German at the college level, and some have even taken their studies abroad. However, even if they don't continue with German, my hope is that they too find an area of study that ignites in them the same kind of passion that I feel for my work here at Pennington."