Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Over 175 years of excellence in education

We offer a vigorous and challenging college preparatory curriculum. It begins with a wide-ranging curriculum in Middle School and includes 40 Upper School AP and honors courses to challenge even the most ambitious students. Our teachers are experts in their subjects, and they are experts in presenting their material in ways to support a variety of learning styles. Technology is an integral part of the classroom experience, and constant collaboration between students makes learning an active process for everyone.

The Pennington difference

We don't think that “one size fits all” should apply to the classroom. We approach students as individuals, meet them where they are when they arrive at Pennington, and move them forward so that they can reach their academic goals and full potential as learners. Our teachers are deeply committed to their students’ success.

Our classes are small. Students and teachers know each other very well. And although you will be challenged to do your best work here, help is always available. Because so many of our faculty live on campus, teachers are easy to find after school and in the evenings. There are supervised study hours in the library every midweek night, and specialized help with writing assignments, math, and science is also there when you need it.

Learning beyond the classroom

Learning happens outside the classroom, too. Your teachers are also your coaches and your advisors. Every interaction, resource, and experience is a learning opportunity. We want you to take some risks, try something new, and be creative with your education here. The arts, athletics, and service are just as important as academic excellence, and we want you to try them all. Test your limits, explore as much as you can, and you will build the resilience, self-confidence, and character you will need to succeed all your life.

Academics News

Anna Leader's new play debuts at the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg

Anna Leader, teacher of French and English, is a creative wunderkind. Not only has she won Luxembourg's national literary contest for young authors three times, but her literary translation work has garnered numerous prizes. Most recently, Luxembourg’s national theater commissioned Leader to write a play about the coronavirus pandemic. Her play, Deliver Us, debuted at the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg in early October to a live, physically-distanced audience.

Anna Zhang '22 presents on machine learning and glucose prediction

This summer, Minghao "Anna" Zhang '22 worked remotely with a professor at Imperial College London to develop a glucose prediction model for patients with Type 1 diabetes. On October 28, Zhang delivered a presentation in Pennington's Applied Science speaker series on how she used machine learning to create the model.