Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Edmund V. Cervone Center for Learning

A program of individualized academic support for bright students with learning differences

The three primary objectives of the program are:

  • To help students take advantage of the rigorous curriculum at The Pennington School
  • To address needs that arise from the student’s specific diagnosed learning difficulties
  • To facilitate development of academic skills needed for independent scholarship in post secondary education

When reviewing applications, we consider many factors that include:

  • General intellectual ability
  • The specific nature of the student’s difficulties
  • The student’s demonstrated interest in academic success
  • The student’s ability and willingness to work collaboratively with our faculty
Students in the Edmund V. Cervone Center for Learning have the benefit of:
  • A program that has been teaching children with specific learning difficulties since 1975
  • Enrollment in a college preparatory program of study
  • Placement in both parallel Cervone Center for Learning and standard curriculum courses
  • A daily one-on-one Compensatory Skills class that focuses on building strengths and minimizing the impact of weaknesses
  • College placement for all graduates
  • A program that is rooted in the philosophy that there is no one best way to learn

The Edmund V. Cervone Center for Learning, unique at its founding in 1975, remains distinctive today. Come talk to us about how we can help you reach your potential.


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