Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12



College Counseling Fast Facts


colleges visit Pennington each year.


members of the College Counseling team ensure personal time and attention to each student


acceptance rate 


AP exams administered; 88% scored 3 or higher


of the Class of 2023 will participate in intercollegiate athletics


acceptances from 216 institutions


presentations annually focus on the college admission process

Making the Right Choice

We find the right match for every student.

The college search and application process is a challenging one. Parents and guardians, along with the college counselor, are important players in the college selection process; however, it is the student who plays the primary role. A successful college search is almost always the result of a family effort: the student’s working with their parents or guardians on setting goals, discussing financial needs, making college visits, meeting with their college counselor, and attending college representative visits. The college counselor's role is to listen, provide guidance, and supply information on all aspects of the process, and, most of all, be a “sounding board” for the student in this critical decision.

Finding and selecting the appropriate college for each student is a thoughtful, considered endeavor that begins during the freshman and sophomore years. The Pennington School believes that every graduate should attend the college or university that suits their own interests and strengths. To identify the best match, each student's unique personality, achievements, and goals are taken into consideration.

Students from The Pennington School attend some of the most prestigious and selective colleges and universities in the country and abroad (see matriculation lists, below).


Phases of College Preparation

Grades 9 and 10

Grades 9 and 10: Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about college! Making thoughtful academic and extracurricular choices now will have a positive impact on your college search later, and we can help! 

Grade 11

This is the year we begin to concentrate on finding the right fit for your journey after The Pennington School. Focus on your personal criteria and a well-balanced college list will develop naturally from there. 

Grade 12

You have a good sense of who you are, and it’s your time to shine!


College Matriculation and More


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