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Global Studies at Pennington

I want all of our students to believe that their Pennington education prepares them to give back to the world rather than give them a leg up to get ahead in the world.” —Dr. William S. Hawkey, Head of school

Hear from our Global Studies students!

"I have developed a strong sense of empathy and interest in the communities around the world, and I have taken conscious steps to be a better global citizen because of the Global Studies program."

Heidi V., Class of 2023

"Pennington helps me to grow as a person. The diverse community encouraged me to join the Global Studies program, through which I have learned to appreciate the interconnecting globe and realized my role as a global citizen."

Jiayi "Julie" H., Class of 2023

"Global Studies is an amazing program that fundamentally changed my thinking approach toward society, especially from my own circle of comfort and knowledge. I walked out of the ‘cultural cave’ with a sharpening mind, seeing the interdependence between humans, nature, and the cities we are surrounded in, especially during the pandemic. As an international student, Global Studies exposed me to new societal phenomenons, and also helped me to cope with biases between American and Chinese cultures. I found my real passion and interest in sociology and humanities."

Mofei S., Class of 2023

"I joined the Global Studies program to learn about how I can be a better contributor to our global community. From the Global Studies program, I have enjoyed learning about different cultures and the roles that they play in making our so wonderfully diverse world."

Chloe M., Class of 2023

Global Studies Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the Global Studies Program at The Pennington School, through the Global Studies certificate, travel opportunities, and campus-wide initiatives, is to support and enhance our informed, active, and ethical participation in global ideas, issues, and communities, both at home and abroad.

The outcomes of the program:

  • Exercise agency - Make positive change in the community.
  • Embrace diversity - Learn about and experience the value of many cultures, of people who identify in different ways, or of those who hold differing perspectives about the world.
  • Explore with curiosity - Take an interest in learning about the world, new cultures, languages, and geographic places.
  • Express empathy - Demonstrate compassion for others' experiences.

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