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Global Studies at Pennington

I want all of our students to believe that their Pennington education prepares them to give back to the world rather than give them a leg up to get ahead in the world.” —Dr. William S. Hawkey, Headmaster

Global Studies Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the Global Studies Program at The Pennington School, through the Global Studies certificate, travel opportunities, and campus-wide initiatives, is to support and enhance our informed, active, and ethical participation in global ideas, issues, and communities, both at home and abroad.

The outcomes of the program:

  • Exercise agency as informed, purposeful, and compassionate global citizens

  • Embrace diversity and the value a community derives from its differences as well as its shared humanity

  • Listen and speak with empathy and integrity

  • Explore the world with curiosity and receptivity, carrying forth an awareness of their own perspectives and a willingness to learn from the world outside their home environment

Global Opportunities

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Latest News

On Friday, November 15, the Global Studies Speaker Series welcomed Tracey Sawyer, founder of Testigo Africa in Tanzania. Sawyer worked in the corporate world for twenty years before visiting Tanzania on vacation. On her trip, she met a Masai chief who invited her back to the country for a special ceremony. During her return visit, she connected with a woman who later became her best friend. Her friend told her about some of the sustainability problems her village was facing and asked Sawyer for help. Sawyer quickly said yes, thinking that she could enlist other nonprofits to help. That proved much harder than she expected, so she developed and implemented a smaller-scale water project herself, raised money, and started her charity, Testigo Africa. 

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Kofo J., Mame B., and Adomah O. shared personal stories and a choral reading from their home countries of Nigeria and Ghana in Upper School Chapel on Tuesday, October 22. Their talk focused on their experiences as students in America charged with explaining their home worlds to their western colleagues, and challenged our student body to learn each other's personal stories.

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