Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Service and Technology

March 7–14

Students will use their developing STEM skills to bring technology and innovation to the students in the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi, Africa. After working on different technology and design projects at Pennington, students will share their work while engaging in cultural and educational experiences with students in the Dzaleka schools. The Pennington group will stay in a rustic hotel in the town of Lilongwe and travel each day to the refugee camp by bus. One day, the students will go to a women’s feeding garden, an animal sanctuary, and a market in Lilongwe. The trip is open to all students who are working on one of the Malawi projects. View the student application for the trip.

Read the news story on Jacques Baeni Mwendabandu, a refugee living in Malawi. He visited the Pennington campus October 15–16 to speak to students, visit classrooms, and meet with Malawi Club members. 

Estimated cost:  $2,500; Deposit ($1,400) due December 2.

Contact:  Susan Wirsig at