Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


The Junior Proctors love working with our Middle School students.

The process of self-discovery is so critical to the Middle School years, academically and emotionally. With this in mind, each Middle School student is assigned two different types of mentors to help guide them through these years: a faculty advisor and two Junior Proctors. While the role these mentors play is different, their purpose is the same — to help the Middle School students become their best selves.


Each student also has a faculty advisor in their life, one who provides unconditional support and the resources to guide academic and personal growth. Advisors help students set goals, monitor academic and extracurricular progress, engage in service projects, work on developmentally relevant topics, and make recommendations for the following year. Since faculty advisors are considered the “hub” of information related to a student, they are just as much advisors to parents as they are to the students. Advisors meet with their advisory groups (consisting of six to ten students) for one scheduled meeting a week in addition to individual meetings that may take place during study halls, before or after school, during lunch, or as needed.

Middle School Dean of Students

The Middle School Dean of Students, working closely with the Head of Middle School, oversees every aspect of Middle School student life, including maintaining the discipline system and overseeing the eighth-grade boarding students, student activities, Middle School athletics, the Middle School advisory program, and more.

Class Deans

Middle School Class Deans are the center of information regarding all students and activities within a designated grade level. Middle School Class Deans can take advantage of all the systems and resources in place to ensure that each student has the opportunity to achieve individual excellence. Middle School Class Deans are also responsible for seeing that each grade's program is purposeful, well-coordinated, and clearly articulated.

Upper School Junior Proctors

Middle and Upper School students have frequent opportunities to interact with one another during the day when walking to class, eating lunch, mingling before and after school and, for boarding students, living in the residence halls. These interactions are most often spontaneous and brief. Yet every Friday morning a very purposeful time is planned for Middle School students to meet with their Junior Proctors. Approximately twenty Junior Proctors are selected each spring after an intensive application and interview process. The year-long position is a highly-coveted leadership role. This special group of juniors is trained to facilitate a variety of activities each week and provide a certain level of counsel for their Middle School groups. Activities range from serious to pure fun. Aside from Thursday activities, it is not uncommon to see a Junior Proctor giving a Middle Schooler a fist bump in the hallway or to see a Middle Schooler cheering on their JP during an athletic event or theatrical performance.