Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Athletics in Middle School

Pennington Boys' Middle School Lacrosse

The Athletics program in the Middle School seeks to serve each unique athlete, just as Pennington itself serves each unique student. From the most experienced players to those participating for the first time, the athletic experience is rooted in the belief that every member of a team plays a contributing role. Our “everyone plays” policy supports that belief. Participants take pride in being a Pennington student-athlete by preparing and competing to the best of their abilities and by setting the standard of sportsmanship both on and off the field, court, and pool.

Every Middle School student is asked to participate in at least one of the three extracurricular athletic seasons, and to play a minimum of one team sport each year.

Everyone is expected to practice to the best of their ability and take pride in individual and team accomplishments, regardless of talent. Practices are opportunities to improve skill level, knowledge of the game, and teamwork. Games are opportunities to compete and to execute what has been practiced. The goal of each game is always the same — give 100% effort; motivate, support, and encourage your teammates; and always represent your School with pride — win or lose. 

Middle School Teams