Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Senior Year Internship: Horizon Program


Student smiling with group of children abroad

The Horizon Senior Internship program matches seniors with month-long projects and programs that represent the variety of interests and passions of the class. Internships are created at schools, hospitals, and many businesses (see list). 

Click below to view a list of companies that participated in the 2018-19 Horizon Senior Internship Program.

Matthew worked at the Nakavango Conservation Program near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Nakavango is an "intense protective zone" for the critically endangered black rhino. The focus at Nakavango is on conservation management, African wildlife, important conservation issues and sustainable community development.
Male student carrying child on his back.

Matthew Robertson

Nakavango Conservation Program

For this Horizon project at Brush Creek Ranch, Brett rode some new horses that were purchased in New Mexico to determine how well they had been trained and if they were suitable for guests at the ranch or if the horses need more training.
Male student riding a horse.

Brett Bokman

Brush Creek Ranch

Kate shadowed the headmaster of Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in Princeton, Mr. Alfred (Rik) Dugan, as part of her Horizon project. Kate's experience is focused on learning about educational leadership. 
Student standing at Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Kate Reim

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart

For Hope's Horizon project, she worked at the Pen Ryn School as a teacher’s aide. The school is Nursery through eighth-grade and she got a chance to work with every grade level! In this photo, Hope is working with a kindergarten class. 
Female student posing with young child.

Hope Walsh

Pen Ryn School

Bo Hartpence tackled many different types of business jobs at the Philadelphia Phillies for his Horizon project. Some aspects he explored are sales, advertisement, and promotion. 
Male student in Phillies gear.

Bo Hartpence

Philadelphia Phillies

Mina completed her Horizon project at Drexel University’s Center for Functional Fabrics. She worked with a PhD student to analyze data that they collected using a touch-sensitive fabric. She also got to work on one of the Center’s many garment knitting machines called the X Machine made by the company Shima Seiki. 

Female student working with machinery.

Mina Shokoufandeh

Drexel University