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Stephen Crane Lecture Series

The Stephen Crane Lecture Series has a long tradition at The Pennington School. It commemorates the author of The Red Badge of Courage, who was a student at Pennington in the 1880s and whose father was headmaster of the School from 1849 to 1858. The series invites prominent authors, artists, or public figures to speak or perform on the campus.

Recent Crane Lecturers

Devlin is the author of the nonfiction book A Girl Stands at the Door, a new history of school desegregation in America, revealing how girls led the fight for interracial education.

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Rachel Devlin


Jonathan Mooney is a dyslexic author, entrepreneur, and activist who did not learn to read until he was twelve years old.

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Zoologist Niall McCann

Jonathan Mooney

Author and Activist

Adem Bunkeddeko '05 is a candidate in the New York Democratic primary for the ninth congressional district.

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Adem Bunkeddeko

Adem Bunkeddeko '05

Congressional candidate

Martha Southgate is the author of four novels. Her newest, The Taste of Salt, was published in September 2011.

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Author Martha Southgate

Martha Southgate


Loung Ung is a Cambodian refugee and the author of First They Killed My Father.

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Author Loung Ung

Loung Ung


Carson Kressley is an Emmy Award-winning television personality, designer, and author.

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Author Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley

Fashion Designer and Author

Most Crane lectures are required events for all students, with limited seating available to the general public. To reserve seating, please email Your reservation is not guaranteed until you receive a reply email with confirmation.