Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Applied Science

The Pennington School's Applied Science Certificate Program is a two-year course of study to which all sophomores in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Students apply for the program in the winter of their sophomore year for participation during their junior and senior years. The Certificate in Applied Science is awarded to graduating seniors at Commencement in June.

Applied Science Certificate candidates must take at least one of the following courses in their junior year to qualify for the certificate.


Design Engineering: Grade 11

Design Engineering*
Grade 11
.5 credit
This course will give students multiple experiences applying the Engineering Design Cycle. Using CAD and graphics software, hand tools, a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a CNC mill, and a variety of materials, students will design, build, and test a solution to a given problem. This course will give students opportunities to develop important twenty-first-century skills such as collaborating with one another; identifying and working effectively with experts; honing presentation and writing ability; and learning how to complete a project on time and on budget. Students will document their learning by keeping an engineering notebook.
*Prerequisite: Successful application to the Applied Science Certificate Program
Offered fall and spring semesters

Software Engineering: Grade 11

Software Engineering
Grade 11
.5 credit
In this course students learn the programming skills to design and build software, as well as have multiple experiences applying the Software Design Cycle. The course gives students opportunities to develop important twenty-first-century skills like collaborating with fellow developers, breaking a system down into components, and learning how to complete a project on time through iterative development. The culminating project in the course has students work to solve a problem of their own choosing.
*Prerequisite: Introduction to Programming or permission of the department
Offered fall or spring semester

Computer Science

AP Computer Science A; Grades 11–12

AP Computer Science A*
Grades 11–12
1 credit

This is a college-level course that covers the key concepts of object-oriented programming and prepares students to take the AP exam in the spring. While many days during the year are devoted to lectures, the majority of the course is devoted to labs. Students are given ample class time and close teacher interaction to work on substantial design and programming projects. Throughout the year, students are asked to design and write several small-to-medium-sized programs as well as two major pieces of software from scratch. In addition to the concepts of object-oriented programming, much attention is given the art of good programming design. Students are challenged not only to write software that works but also to write clean code: software that is efficient and easily understood and maintained. This class challenges students to create.
*Prerequisite: Algebra II–Honors or Precalculus with Function Limits, and permission of the department