Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12




Graduation Requirement: .5 credit

Additional credits in Technology may also be earned in all Digital Video Arts courses, AP Computer Science, Digital Imaging, Music Technology, and Robotics. Freshmen are required to take one of the Grade 9 courses below.

Solving Problems with Technology; Grade 9

Solving Problems with Technology
Grade 9
.5 credit
This course introduces students to a variety of ways that technology can be used to address real-world problems. Engaging interdisciplinary projects challenge students to think critically, communicate effectively, and ultimately design and develop an appropriate solution. Students have the opportunity to explore coding, create interactive art, develop data-based infographics, program a robot, and create and print a 3D model. The course also instructs students on the navigation of the vast information landscape to define and solve problems, as well as on the ethical use of digital resources. Students complete the course having gained experience in technologies that are currently used in research, the arts, engineering, software development, and project management.
Offered fall and spring semesters

Introduction to Programming; Grades 9–12

Introduction to Programming
Grades 9–12
.5 credit
This is a semester course that teaches the fundamental skills required to begin programming in any language. Using JavaScript, students explore the core syntax of a programming language and learn how to design, write, and execute their own applications. The course covers variables, conditions, loops, methods, and more with an emphasis on proper programming techniques.
Offered fall or spring semester

Software Engineering; Grades 11-12

Software Engineering*
Grades 11-12
.5 credit
In this course students learn the programming skills to design and build software, as well as have multiple experiences applying the Software Design Cycle. The course gives students opportunities to develop important twenty-first-century skills like collaborating with fellow developers, breaking a system down into components, and learning how to complete a project on time through iterative development. The culminating project in the course has students work to solve a problem of their own choosing.
*Prerequisite: Introduction to Programming or permission of the department
Offered fall or spring semester