Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Cervone Center for Learning

Students enrolled in the Edmund V. Cervone Center for Learning program experience individualized attention, instruction, and support as they engage with challenging course materials across the college-preparatory curriculum. The core course offered is Compensatory Skills. In this one-to-one course, students learn strategies that help them to find success in all of their current classes, as well as acquire the skills they need to find independent success when they transition out of the program or later at the college level. In addition to Compensatory Skills, students may be enrolled in parallel Cervone Center English or mathematics courses, and/or specialized Cervone Center Spanish courses. Students enrolled in Cervone Center English and mathematics classes experience a college-preparatory course of study using the same materials as students in parallel (similar) classes in the general program. Students in Cervone Center Spanish courses experience a meaning-centered approach to foreign language study that takes into account their individual learning needs.

Admission to the Cervone Center for Learning is through direct application to both the School and the program. Initial placement and re-enrollment decisions are determined by the Director and the Cervone Center faculty in consultation with the Dean of Academic Affairs. The following is a basic description of the courses offered in the Cervone Center for Learning. Enrollment in Cervone Center courses is exclusive to students with a documented need for specialized instruction.

Cervone Center for Learning Spanish

These specialized Spanish language courses are designed to meet the needs of students with a documented need for a modified presentation of foreign-language skills and content. Presentation is multimodal, and meaning-centered. The primary objective is communication, and spelling and grammatical accuracy is deemphasized. Enrollment is by permission of the department.