Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Global Studies

The Pennington School’s Global Studies Certificate Program is a two-year, interdisciplinary program open to all Pennington students. Students apply to the program in the winter of their sophomore year for participation during their junior and senior years. Students in this program are required to take the course below. The Certificate in Global Studies is awarded to graduating seniors at Commencement in June.

Global Studies Seminar*
Grade 11
.5 credit

Global Studies Seminar is the gateway course to the Global Studies Certificate Program and familiarizes students with the outcomes of the program. Students examine topical global stories through human rights and globalization frameworks, explore how cultural perspectives shape our understanding, and examine the fundamental social systems that undergird intercultural interactions. Course readings include primary and secondary texts. The course culminates in projects that prepare students to meet the objectives of the Global Studies program, including an independent presentation in which each student defines and addresses a global problem of their choice.
*Successful completion of this course also garners History credit.
*Prerequisite: Successful application to the Global Studies Certificate Program
Offered fall and spring semesters