Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Graduation requirement: 1 credit, including Religion and Ethics and one elective

The Religion Department equips Pennington students with skills to engage their academic journey, the world, and themselves with intellectual empathy and cross-cultural competencies. Building on their introduction to the study of global religion during their ninth-grade year in World History, students take Religion and Ethics, a multidisciplinary study of religious and ethical traditions, during their sophomore year. Students choose from a range of departmental and interdisciplinary course offerings during their junior year to further build on this foundation. Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on the daily discipline of reading, note-taking, reflection, and the rigorous practice of seminar discussion. Critical thinking, writing, research, and oral presentation skills are cultivated alongside collaborative, technology-based exploration. Experiential opportunities both within the classroom (guest speakers, Skype interviews, and live streaming of religious festivals) and beyond (visits to communities of worship, lectures, and historical sites) provide multiple texts for analysis, exploration, and reflection.