Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12



Graduation requirement: Three years of study, including two lab courses (Biology, Chemistry)


The sequence of study in the Science Department begins with biology in the ninth-grade and is typically followed by chemistry (sophomore year), physics, or environmental science (junior year), with senior year options for study in multiple electives and Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Although this is a traditional sequence, coursework stresses the integration of ideas and concepts from each discipline of science as well as the fields of technology, engineering, and mathematics. The coursework also seeks to develop and inspire students to be dedicated to the principles of science, to understand science as a process (a way of knowing), and to apply understanding to real-world concerns. The faculty see science as an ideal platform to teach habits of mind such as discipline of thought, perseverance, and personal accountability.

Students who complete all courses offered in the science curriculum at Pennington, or who demonstrate exceptional ability, may be given permission to enroll in science courses offered at Princeton University.