Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


World Languages

Graduation requirement: Two consecutive years of Upper School study of one language

With department approval, students may study an additional language, either after or while completing their requirement in the first language. In this case, students must commit to two consecutive years of each language. Seniors may take Chinese I as an elective, independent of their language requirement. Juniors taking Chinese I must commit to taking Chinese II during their senior year.


The World Languages program at The Pennington School enables students to communicate meaningfully in languages other than English. This allows students to gain understanding of a culturally and linguistically diverse world, and helps shape their way of thinking. Exposure to a new language gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively participate in the world as global citizens. These skills can be essential for students to become successful in their future careers, and enables them to serve others through service projects offered by Pennington and throughout their lives.






Studying Latin offers students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the language and its relevance and close association with the English language and the Romance languages. Students gain an appreciation for the literature of the great authors of Roman antiquity, in addition to an understanding of the significant contributions that the Romans made to the development of western civilization. Students have the opportunity to study Latin for all four years of their Upper School experience, including first-year Latin through AP.