Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


World Languages

Graduation requirement: Two consecutive years of Upper School study of one language

The World Languages program empowers students to use the target language to have meaningful interactions and inspires them to develop an understanding of our culturally and linguistically diverse world. The Pennington World Language graduate will be able to…

  • Demonstrate curiosity, engagement, resilience and confidence for language learning. 
  • Utilize strong skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking to communicate. meaningfully in or about the target language and culture.
  • Seek connections beyond the classroom that facilitate further language learning and cross-cultural understanding. 
  • Interact with authentic resources, travel or immersion experiences.
  • Challenge oneself to take risks with the language in order to grow.

With department approval, students may study an additional language, either after or while completing their requirement in the first language. In this case, students must commit to two consecutive years of each language. Seniors may take Chinese I as an elective, independent of their language requirement. Juniors taking Chinese I must commit to level II during their senior year.