Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Why Pennington?

Students and their parents choose The Pennington School for many different reasons, and we hear them over and over again. So why Pennington?

You can be yourself. Pennington students can expect to be respected by our community. You will feel comfortable in your own shoes, whoever you are.

You can think globally. Most middle and high school students have to wait until college to gain a global perspective. With dozens of opportunities to study and travel abroad and a diverse, multinational student body, Pennington students have a head start.

You can challenge yourself in the classroom. Our academic program combines a high standard for excellence with the means to help you reach your full potential and achieve success in preparing for life-- as well as for college and beyond.

You can explore the arts. The Pennington program is one of breadth and depth, beginning in Middle School, and includes both method and theory in the visual and performing arts. Our inclusive community and facilities for the arts will encourage you to discover your talents.

You can take risks. Our faculty members will challenge you to think critically, work cooperatively, develop great study skills, and step out of your comfort zones to try new experiences.

You are a part of a supportive community. Everyone in our school talks about our warm and inclusive community of students, parents, and teachers as one of their favorite things about The Pennington School. Come and see for yourself!

You have access to everything. You will have small classes, and your teachers will also be your coaches, advisors, and dorm parents. More than 50 percent of our faculty live here. We’re a boarding school; our door is always open—to the library, the gym, the pool, the art studios. Pennington is located between New York City and Philadelphia, and the town of Princeton is just minutes away.

Our students are remarkable.

We really know our students-- as participants in our classrooms and athletes on our teams, artists in our studios, and actors on our stages. They are the avid readers who notice that untold stories await in the science labs. They are the lifetime soccer players who realize that kicking for the football team would offer new challenges. They are the actresses who discover that directing allows them to continue their passion while honing their leadership skills.

Aerial view of students playing piano.
Outside view of Kenneth Kai Tai Yen Humanities Building at dusk.
Students surrounding a whiteboard smiling and writing.