Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Why Pennington?

At The Pennington School, we believe transformational growth is the hallmark of an excellent education and the cornerstone of life. Over our 180-year history, we have been 100% dedicated to inspiring student growth by approaching each student as an individual. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by an outside consultant, the majority of our alumni reported experiencing “transformational growth” while at Pennington. 

So, what is the Pennington formula for transformational growth? 

Individual Attention – At Pennington, every child is welcomed as an individual. We provide challenging courses and programs balanced by tailored support such as daily extra help in every subject, a robust advisory program, and a dynamic campus atmosphere. 

Dedicated Faculty – Four consecutive years of enrolled family surveys demonstrate an exceptional level of satisfaction with our faculty’s level of dedication. Our faculty share a collective commitment to student-centered learning, which puts each student at the center of the discussion and encourages them to find their voice. 

Inclusive Community – Visitors often feel a warm sense of welcome on our campus, and those already within our community describe it as “family.” Our Methodist roots inspire us to build a community in which students from diverse backgrounds and beliefs come together to learn from each other. We intentionally strive to cultivate students who understand how to learn, lead, and live in an ever-changing world.

Student Engagement – When students have the confidence to set high goals and tackle an array of challenges, they are apt to be highly engaged in their schools, local communities, and lives. Find an opportunity to  talk to our students, and you will be amazed by their wide-ranging interests in global studies, technology, athletics, arts, entrepreneurship, and service! 

How do we know when our mission is accomplished?

When the components of our equation come alive, we find students who are confident and well-prepared for success on our campus, in college, and in the world beyond. We see students who are poised to be agents for positive change just our founders envisioned.  As you consider schools for your child, we encourage you to meet our students and faculty, initiate thoughtful conversations, and find out whether we might just have the formula you are seeking! 

Aerial view of students playing piano.
Outside view of Kenneth Kai Tai Yen Humanities Building at dusk.
Students surrounding a whiteboard smiling and writing.