Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Center for the Arts

Man playing piano with artist in back and students watching.
The beautiful Martini Center for Music, Arts, and Community (MMAC) houses our Center for the Arts and much more.
Arts Facilities at Pennington
  • The Diane T. McLarty "Black Box" Theater
    This flexible theatre space is home for Pennington drama and dance. Capable of being configured in several different theatre layouts, it will stimulate, educate, and entertain.
  • Silva Gallery of Art
    The Gallery provides a professional venue with 120 feet of linear display space, enhanced by natural and artificial light: a place where Pennington students, faculty, and visiting artists display their work.
  • Art Studios
    Floor to ceiling windows and natural light make these attractive spaces ideal for painting, drawing, sculpture, and design—complete with top-of-the-line computer hardware and software, pottery wheels, kilns, and all the equipment and supplies needed to practice traditional and alternative art-making techniques.
  • Tiered Large Ensemble Rehearsal Room
    This acoustically correct space is configured in levels to maximize the unique qualities of vocal and instrumental performance. It is one of the rooms that feeds into the School's state-of-the-art recording studio.
  • Music Theory Classroom
    With ten computer MIDI stations, complete with industry-standard composition and music-editing software, this classroom provides students a place to compose, listen, and realize their musical visions.
  • Instrument and Vocal Practice Rooms
    These acoustically designed areas (three for individual rehearsals and one for group rehearsals) allow our musicians to practice without disturbing other students and activities.
  • Recording Studio
    A state of the art multi-track control room equipped with Pro Tools for recording, editing, and mixing audio for student projects ranging from oral histories to audition demos.
  • Photography Classroom/Darkroom
    With plenty of room for photochemistry and a bank of enlargers, this space serves the photographers in our school. Students have access to cutting-edge computer technology at ten computer workstations outfitted with industry-standard design software.
  • Kiln Room
    The well-ventilated kiln room boasts two high-fire electric kilns and a glaze station for students to learn how to formulate their own glazes.
  • Costume/Wardrobe Room
    Racks of costumes, yards of fabric, and sewing machines allow students to design and create the theatrical wardrobe for an entire cast.
  • Set Design Studio/Shop
    A fully equipped woodshop and lighting studio allow students to gain hands-on experience in lighting, set building, and design.
  • Lecture Center Stage
    An intimate 170-seat theater provides a close-up view of every performance.
  • Sparks Gymnasium Stage
    Our large gym stage provides plenty of room for major school events, concerts, and visiting artists.
  • Video Production Suite
    Our well-appointed video suite allows students to film in a controlled environment and then move right into post-production using Final Cut Pro. Each studio is fully equipped with current, industry-standard equipment and software.