Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Private Music Lessons

Student playing the drums in practice room.

Professional musicians from around the area come to Pennington throughout the week to mentor our students with private lessons. All instruments, voice types, and genres of music are represented. Students in the lessons program perform at art gallery openings, admissions events, master classes, and student recitals. Informally, students often assemble their own classical and rock ensembles, which are often invited to perform at school and outside community events. For details and registration for private lessons and to pay by e-check, please click here. For details and to pay by student account or credit card, please fill out this form and take it to the Business Office.

Lessons offered

Lessons are currently offered in voice, violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, jazz piano, guitar, drums (set and hand percussion), French horn, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and saxophone. If you are interested in studying an instrument that is not offered by our program at present, please register, and we will try to accommodate your interests.

Lessons schedule

Private lessons are available for all three trimesters: fall (September 16-November 8), winter (November 18-February 21), and spring (March 2-May 15). Each trimester consists of nine 45-minute lessons plus one make-up lesson, if required. Lessons are available after school or athletics/club meetings, depending upon the availability of the teacher and student.

On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, there will be a recital by all students involved in the Private Music Lesson program who have prepared a piece to perform.

Lesson rates

One trimester of private lessons: $525
Two trimesters of private lessons: $1,000*
Three trimesters of private lessons: $1,420*

*Note: The rate is $525 per trimester of lessons; if you register now for two trimesters or three trimesters, these discounted rates apply. The fee for the first trimester is nonrefundable once lessons begin. Additional trimester fees are refundable, given written notice of withdrawal from lessons before the trimester begins.

Instrument rental

Music instrument rental information is available for those students who need it. Contact the music lesson coordinator, Dr. Donald Dolan, by email at for more information.

Attendance Policy

Please be courteous to your teacher by giving him or her as much advance notice as possible when conflicts arise with scheduled lessons.  Lessons are scheduled on a specific time and day of the week, based upon teacher and student availability.  Students are expected to keep that time available for the lessons.  Conflicts due to scheduled athletic games and other appointments should be dealt with at least one week in advance by the student’s contacting the teacher, and the lesson will be considered as having been given if at least one student attends.  (The teacher is not responsible for keeping track of sports or other obligations.) Twenty-four-hour notice is a courtesy extended as a last-resort option so that a student is not forced to forfeit a lesson in an unusual situation.  Please reserve that option for illness, and please also notify the teacher directly so he or she knows the student is not coming.  The teacher is not obligated to make up a lesson if proper notice has not been given.  Students who repeatedly miss lessons will be dealt with through the School’s disciplinary system.