Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12



AP Studio Art Exhibition

Embracing this year’s School theme “The Power of Stories,” we thought it appropriate to title this first show PROLOGUE. Prologue, in literature, refers to a separate introduction of a literary work, and can also generally refer to an event or action that leads to another. In both cases, this title aptly describes the work in this exhibition. This past summer each AP Studio Art artist responded to a series of prompts, creating visual reactions to each one, pulling from their own context and life experiences. Each series of work, along with the artist's statement, is introducing you to the foundation or pre-story of that artist. This work will also provide a variety of entry points for each student’s final portfolio. The prompts are designed as springboards to provoke ideas and encourage complex thinking. After completing such an exercise, students are poised to more deeply consider the focus of their work, which leads to the creation of a very personal and skillful portfolio.