Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Trenton Makes: Thomas A. Malloy--Remembered and Celebrated

May 17–June 7, 2016

Rendering of a house and trees

The Silva Gallery of Art was honored to present Trenton Makes: Thomas A. Malloy—Remembered and Celebrated . Almost eight years had passed since Thomas Malloy’s death at the age of 95. A painter of Trenton’s land and cityscapes since the mid-1950s, Malloy is forever a part of New Jersey’s art history through the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie—a museum he helped to establish. However, most of his work is housed in private collections belonging to families of alumni of The Pennington School, who came together to create this exhibition.

Selected as Trenton’s Artist Laureate in 2001, Thomas A. Malloy inspired artists and non-artists alike to appreciate the beauty of life and to seize all opportunities presented in life—through his art, his words, and his actions. A staunch supporter of the arts and education, he frequently visited schools to encourage young artists.

The Pennington School, which was founded in 1838 by the New Jersey Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, appropriately paid tribute to Malloy, who was not only a devoted artist and teacher, but also a lifelong Methodist and lay minister as well. Through this exhibition, The Pennington School’s Silva Gallery was honored to continue Malloy’s work of inspiring and giving opportunity to young artists and our regional communities.