Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


An after-school recreational sports program

Our club sports programs help students reach new heights of camaraderie in a non-stressful athletic environment.

Students try a balancing activity.

Club sports provide an opportunity for students to experience the benefits of team sports, such as working together towards a common goal, in a less competitive environment. 

Like team sports, club sports give players a boost of energy and creativity that can extend to the early evening hours typically devoted to homework. In addition, club sports give students another opportunity to engage in fun with friends in an inclusive atmosphere, while forming healthy exercise habits that will last a lifetime.

Each of the three seasons will feature a different recreational sport. Sports may include ultimate frisbee, wiffle ball, capture the flag, club soccer, club basketball, obstacle course challenges, and an all-sports club. Invitational matches are apart of the schedule and will include non-club sports students as well as faculty members.

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