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Athletic Hall of Fame brochure cover

The purpose of the Pennington School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those student athletes and other members of the community whose athletic accomplishments have been of the highest caliber and have brought credit to the School.

Structure of the Selection Committee

Permanent members of the selection committee are the Athletic Director, the Director of Alumni Relations, and a School trustee. The Headmaster is a member ex officio. Appointed for a two-year term will be a member of the alumni association board of directors, a School administrator, and a faculty member. The Director of Alumni Relations will chair the committee.

Criteria for Selection

Nominees become eligible ten years after graduation, after fifteen years of service to the School, or under special circumstances. The Hall of Fame recognizes alumni, teams, and coaches.

Alumni nominees should have demonstrated a sustained interest in the School between graduation and nomination.

Alumni nominees must have been letter winners whose athletic accomplishments represent the highest caliber of achievement of their time.

Selection will be based primarily on athletic accomplishments while at Pennington. Subsequent achievements in athletics and other areas such as service to community and country are significant considerations. The selection committee seeks to honor those who displayed exceptional athletic ability or great achievements in coaching and who continue to lead a life that embodies the values of the School.

Deceased candidates are eligible for posthumous nomination.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the Hall of Fame Class of 2019 are now closed; we are now accepting nominations for the Class of 2020. If you have questions, please get in touch with Director of Alumni Relations Jane Bott Childrey '89 at or 609–737–6144.

Members by Year of Induction


Scott Bateman ’99
Kachorn Chiaravanont ’86
Rie Furuuchi ’93
Eri Hokura ’94
Caroline Tuttle ’04 


Jae Heo '08
John "Jack" Madden '56
Maggie Marquis McCord '03
Richard "Rick" Ritter
Roger Sharrett '73


Ali Kliment '07
Christopher Liwosz '02
Thomas McHugh, Jr. '47
Gina Spaziano '97
The 1991 Boys' Lacrosse Team


The 2002 Girls' Swim Team
Chad Bridges '96
Michael Pearl '61


The 1992 Football Team
George Ward ’88
Kylee Rossi Flynn ’05
Robert Bateman ’97


Sid Beshunsky ’39
Donald Marriott II ’91
Silas Massey III ’94
Robyn Jones ’03
The 1971 Football Team


Vincent Rockel '52
Kimberly Cook Kazan '97


Charles Medlar '36
Coach Lawrence Pitt
Coach Bernie Gurick
1945 Football Team
1985 Girls' Soccer Team
1985 Football Team


John Vaccaro ’47
Dennis Scudder ’73
Tom Vesey ’83
Ken Brown ’89
Kim Ellis Stein ’89


Stephen S. Keesler ’67
John H. Rufe, Jr. ’73
Arwen E. Lawson ’89
Coach G. Arthur Campbell


Bob Gillis ’73
Tom Chiodi ’81
Maurice Hallett ’92
Coach Michael D. Winkler


Stanley B. Apple ’35
Bryan C. Lee ’76
Robert Potts ’77


Robert J. Turner ’69
Darren J. Ford ’77
Jennifer A. Bentley ’91
Eric "Ricky" Durst ’93


125th Anniversary of Pennington Football


Jack M. Friel ’41
Leonard Carmichael, Jr. ’86
Coach William S. Hawkey


Frederick F. Falchi ’79
Patrick J. Murphy ’80
Brigid C. Kilfoyle ’91


Brian J. Bastecki ’80
Jeffrey A. Karkut ’82
Donald C. Sabino ’86


Jack Gulick ’44
Richard A.Young ’72
Jay F. Bailey ’84
Carmen V. Armenti ’87
Michael J. Kilfoyle ’87


Paul “Mitty” Basca ’46
Robert J. Young ’70
Heike Schneider ’86
Lee A. Picariello ’88
Coach Dean Waters


F. Maxwell Shuster '21
F. Corning Smyth ’33
Glenn A. Pike ’63
Mavis Rufe Deary ’78
William A. Thompson Jr. ’84
Pat A. Picariello ’85
Coach William E. Long


Franklin Hayes ’33
Art Rogers ’37
Jim “Snake-Eyes” Vojcsik ’47
Kevin Murphy ’78
Emilie Ziegler ’79


Joe Pierson ’28
Jack Kelly ’36
Bob McCurry ’42
Jim Cunningham ’51
Steve Fox ’63
Jerry Eure ’75
Karen Martindell Buxton ’79
Coach Harold Poore