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Strength and Conditioning with Inspire Performance Academy

Student and trainer work together in the gym
Inspire Performance Academy is a strength and conditioning company that emphasizes personal development and wellness through physical activity, self-awareness, and athletic performance. All students, student-athletes, faculty, and coaches have access to Inspire’s outstanding team of coaches.

Inspire Performance Academy provides supervision of the intramural program, strength and conditioning services to all varsity athletes on a team by team basis, and assessment and program design to any member of the Pennington community interested in a more intelligent approach to strength, conditioning, and wellness. As part of their programming services, Inspire will create and implement effective speed and strength training programs specific to the demands of each sport and position as well as the strengths and challenges of each athlete.

Inspire Performance Academy provides each and every student, student-athlete, and community member with the opportunity to fulfill his or her physical potential. Most importantly, the Inspire Performance Academy addresses each individual on the structural, chemical (nutritional), and psychological levels, leading to personal empowerment and a preparedness to better serve others.

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Phone: (609) 730-9300



Instagram: @inspireperformanceacademy