Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Boarding School in Pennington, NJ

Your home away from home

Our boarding school in Pennington, NJ, has the facilities, faculty, student body, and resources that offer the ideal “home away from home” for students of all backgrounds. With more than 140 boarding students and 50 faculty members and their families living on campus, our boarding school in New Jersey is a place that feels like home for those from not only NJ, PA, and NY, but also from all over the planet. Our boarding community shares everything: we live together, work together, rest together, eat together, laugh together, and learn together — each and every day. The cost of boarding school is small compared to the advantages of growing and learning in such a tight-knit, supportive environment.

Faculty members at Pennington serve our students not only in the classroom as teachers, but also on the playing fields as coaches, in the theater as directors, and in the dormitories as hall parents and mentors. Because boarding students and teachers know each other well at Pennington, it means that students know to whom to turn about an academic challenge or a personal dilemma, and teachers are able to respond with care and knowledge to the concerns and needs of their students.

We look forward to welcoming you home at Pennington! For more information about our boarding school’s admissions process or applications our admission team is ready to assist.

Dorm Room Tours

Get a firsthand look at life at our boarding school by watching the videos tours made by our residential students. 

Buck Hall — Girls' Dormitory

Old Main — Boys' Dormitory

Weekend Activities

A variety of activities are planned each weekend and posted mid-week. There are community-building events on campus, trips to museums, special events, and shopping centers, and more. Day students often join in on the fun.

Read more information about weekend activities here

Coming from abroad?

Please find a list of what to bring.


Orah is a management tool that we use to improve communication between parents/guardians, boarders, host families, and residential faculty. Using a web-based and iOS app, it allows us to keep track of the status of each boarder, whether on campus, around the campus, or off campus. Up-to-date details of a boarder’s whereabouts can be put into the app by the boarders and by the Administrator on Duty (AOD) to provide information directly to the faculty members who are on duty.

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