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Order of the Tower

The Order of the Tower recognizes alumni, teachers, or friends for outstanding service to The Pennington School or to the wider community. The 2016 recipients are the Honorable John Kuhlthau and William Mastrosimone '66.

John Kuhlthau

Kuhlthau is a retired Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, a diligent trustee, and a generous donor who initiated and promoted the scholarship in honor of the Rev. Dr. Charles Sayre, which now has more than $600K in the fund. In addition, he recently started a new scholarship in honor of former Bishop Fred Corson. Kuhlthau secured approval and support from Bishop Schol, and he is actively promoting the scholarship to selected churches in the Conference.

John addresses a crowd at a podium

In addition to his leadership support for financial aid, Kuhlthau has contributed to the Pennington Fund every year since he joined the board in 2003.

Kulthau graduated from Princeton University in 1958 and attended Drew University Theological School and Rutgers University Law School, where he earned his J.D. He was admitted to the bar in 1963. Now, he serves on the board of the United Methodist Church at New Brunswick, NJ, and is the president of the board of trustees of the Wesley Foundation at Princeton University.

William Mastrosimone '66

Emmy-winning playwright William Mastrosimone '66 has used his award-winning talents to benefit the students at The Pennington School. He continuously steps forward to speak to drama classes and senior seminars, he conducts workshops, and serves as a mentor with the Senior Horizon Internship Program. When he has a new play being performed, he ensures that Pennington students have a ticket. He critiques, inspires, and creates with students to help them see their gifts and talents.

After his graduation from The Pennington School, Mr. Mastrosimone went on to receive a graduate degree in playwriting from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.

William holds an award on stage.

His 2002 play Bang Bang You're Dead, for which he received two Daytime Emmy awards, has been available on the Internet so that schools can download and perform it for free. Among Mastrosimone's other plays are The Woolgather, Shivaree, The Afghan Women, Tamer of Horses, and Cat's Paw. He wrote the drama Extremities as well as the screenplay for its film adaptation, and the movie The Beast is based upon his play Nanawatai. He has written for television, as well: He was writer and producer for the television movie Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor and was co-executive producer of the mini-series Into the West, for which he also wrote three of the six episodes.

Order of the Tower Awardees


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John G. Coonan ’34
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Bishop Fred P. Corson


F. Maxwell Shuster ’21
Joseph M. Pierson ’28
Franklin T. Buck ’29
Howard A. Cressman


Paul W. Newcomb ’16
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